Impact Investing Group


The Seattle Impact Investing Group (SIIG) is a peer learning group of impact investors in the Greater Seattle area.  SIIG members are united by a desire to learn from each other and goal of deeply understanding what it means to be an impact investor.

SIIG members come from a variety of backgrounds and share a commitment to advancing their progress toward full portfolio activation—allocating capital to companies and funds across asset classes, and across impact themes. Most, but not all, of our members seek competitive financial returns while achieving a positive impact in the world. Some members make “impact first” investments as well.

SIIG members meet monthly and use the group to share and learn about companies and funds that they find interesting with an orientation toward environmental or social good, and they often collaborate on investment-related projects.

SIIG is organized by Nancy Reid and Shiho Fuyuki.

“This is first and foremost a peer learning group, whose members are drawn to the meetings to learn from each other through discussions and guest speakers.

Rather than pitches from companies, the members share the deals that they’ve personally found interesting. Rather than 2-5 pitches, we hear about 10-20 investment opportunities… not only in startups, but also in funds, real estate, and other asset classes.

All from our fellow members, without the formalities of formal pitches, with only as much time needed for each as the interest in the room desires. Those desires go well beyond dealflow.

The bulk of the meetings are spent learning about some corner of life as an investor.

This has included discussions in due diligence, deal structures, “zombie” investments, and other common Angel topics, but it has also included guest speakers leading discussions on impact bonds, affordable housing, and blended capital as well as guest speakers helping us understand inheritance, wealth education of our children, and family dynamics.” —SIIG member



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Are you an impact investor? Would you like to be?

Participation in SIIG is by invitation out of respect for the privacy of our members, but we welcome your inquiries.  

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